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And Then There Was One...

And Then There Was One...

15 weeks down, one to go. I cannot believe this is my last week of Body Back. What a phenomenal four months this has been.


  1. Carly (her instructor/coach)! She is the best. Kick-ass workout after kick-ass workout, She encourages us and believes in us. We texted a bunch throughout each session. She helped keep me on track by motivating me to make better decisions when it came to food. She also checked in on me and showed she is really invested in my progress. Being held accountable is one of the best things about Body Back.

  2. The women! This program is made up of fabulous women. Working moms, stay at home moms, moms of babies, moms of young children, moms of teenagers! We've shared tidbits from our lives. We have laughed together and cried together. During the last class, we were doing burpees (at least I think we were doing burpees). I was not feeling it, but I looked over and saw Leslie busting them out, and it gave me the extra push I needed to get through it. Without sounding too sappy, this group of gals is awesome!

  3. The style of workout. You hear about HIIT workouts being all the rage. And now I get why. For 60 minutes Carly expects our best effort. There is very minimal break. Even when Carly is explaining the next part of a workout, she has us hold a chair squat or sumo squat. It kind of sucks when you are in it, but I'll tell you, you never regret going to class.

  4. Burpees are the devil. And tricep dips are right there with them. Oh...and just when you think you are done with a particular exercise, Carly makes us hold for 10, pulse for 10, hold for 10, pulse for 10...OMG!!!! But it is all so effective!!!

  5. Before Body Back I could probably do two regular push-ups. Actually, I’m not even certain I could do two because I avoided them at all costs. Now I can do a solid 12 in a row and maybe even a couple more. This alone speaks volumes for the effectiveness of this program!!!

  6. The private Facebook group! I love our group. From the check-ins from Carly to the workout challenges, it is the best. I am going to miss this so much.

  7. I really cannot say enough about Body Back. It was the kick in the ass I needed to get myself back on track to healthy living. I’m still not perfect with all my choices, but I am doing much better than before!

Things I’ve learned to support making healthy choices:

  1. When you know you will be faced with unhealthy options (at a restaurant or party), always make the better choice. Last night I went out to eat. I ordered a burger...but asked for no bun and to leave the mayo off the plate. Burger - not great choice overall, but with no bun and no mayo - the better choice.

  2. A great effective workout doesn’t have to take an hour, it can be done in 10 minutes. HIIT workouts are key!

  3. Drink 20-24 ounces of water first thing in the morning. It has so many benefits...kick starts metabolism, flushes toxins, hydrates your body, gives your brain fuel (I may have just had to google this, but I really did know it was good for me!). Making this healthy decision in the morning sets the healthy tone for the day.

  4. Surround yourself with people that encourage your healthy choices.

  5. Working out with other people is empowering and creates such a solid bond!

Challenges and things that make me a little nervous moving forward:

  1. Food! You’d think after 16 weeks, I would have this whole food thing under control. I am still doing much better than before starting Body Back, but I know there is room for improvement. But...I just LOVE food! I love to eat. Always have. Always will. Eating is really one of my favorite things to do. I won’t ever be able to completely cut out sweets. I know this. And I don’t want to. But I now know that I don’t have to eat sweets every day. That is a huge win for me...and this is thanks to Body Back.

  2. No more group accountability. This makes me nervous.

  3. Meal seems so simple, but has been very hard for me. It overwhelms me a bit. I don’t know why. Maybe because I don’t cook very well? Or maybe because it takes effort and I get lazy? I did fill out the planner each week, but I would say I stuck to it about 50% of the time. I need to do better! My goal is to work on prepping go-to food for the week. Bulk chicken, pre-cut veggies and fruit, pre-packed smoothie bags. Prepare ahead of time!! It’s worth a try, and maybe it will even be easy!

I would recommend Body Back to anyone! Women who are already in great shape, women who haven’t worked out in years, women just hitting that 6-week postpartum mark. This program not only has tough, fantastic workouts, but is filled with amazing women who support each other at our highest and lowest moments...something every woman needs!

Thanks Body Back!!

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