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The Battle of the Unconscious Bite

One of the toughest food battles for me is the unconscious bite. My girls eat in their high chairs 4-5 times per day. And because they are toddlers, their menu is pretty similar day to day. Along with the fruit, veggies (most of which come from those pouches), and cheese sticks, I find myself making PB&J, grilled cheese, hummus on pita bread, and chicken nuggets all the time! Throw in a few cereal bars and crackers and there is their diet. God, I hope this doesn’t make me sound like a lazy mom! Anyways, I am constantly taking bites of their food. Most of the time I don’t even think about it until after I’ve eaten it. And it’s not always just a bite. Sometimes it is the entire crust of the PB&J or grilled cheese. All 4 sides! Again, I don’t even think about until after I’ve finished. At the end of the day, I could easily put down an entire meal worth of unconscious bites. A horrible habit that is very tough to break!

Here is where Carly and Body Back come in to the rescue! After sending my journal to Carly last Friday, she responded with a challenge for this week: “For eating - I want a week straight no picking at the kiddo's food.” Yep, just by looking at my journal, Carly could tell I was unconsciously biting again! The same thing happened during the first session and Carly challenged me to no picking at kids food. I went an entire week without taking one bite off of their trays. The challenge helped me become aware of how often I reach for their food (don’t worry...I only take it when I know they are done...unless it is one of those cereal bars, those are so damn good!). I continued for a couple of weeks, and then I started taking bites again! For some reason, the last couple of weeks I reverted to my unconscious biting self. So Carly challenged me again. Today I did have a goldfish cracker that was dropped in the car seat...and I swear I didn’t even think about it, I just ate it! And I remember thinking “dammit!” after eating it. But the rest of the day I ate very well. Day 1 of the no picking challenge - success. I’m confident day 2 will go just as well!

Last week I had success on the scale. This past Saturday my number went back up a tiny bit. I was a little bummed about it, but I reminded myself I am a work in progress. It is going to fluctuate up and down. And that is OK! I went through this past weekend and my eating was on point. Absolutely no junk food and not much alcohol :). On Saturday my mom and sister-in-law came over to set up some things for the bridal shower we hosted on Sunday. I was surrounded by pizza, cookies, bundt cakes, and brownies. I didn’t have one bite! Instead, I had a Larabar and later that night I made myself a healthy chicken dish. At the shower on Sunday I did not indulge in any junk. No mac n cheese, no corned beef bites, no cheese curds. I had chicken with hummus and veggies. That is it! I know myself, if I have even one bite of an unhealthy item, game over. I will unravel and eat myself to the point of cramping (ask Will, this has happened many times. I’ve left restaurants heeled over because I ate so much). But not on Sunday. And not for the past 12 weeks that I’ve been apart of Body Back!

In addition to my stellar food choices this past weekend, I received a number of compliments. A few women at the bridal shower told me how good I looked. I even had some cousins ask me what my workout routine is like. I have to admit, this felt really good. It is one thing to notice changes yourself. But when you hear it from other people, it just amps you up a bit. All the hard work and clean eating is really starting to pay off. I know if I did not join Body Back, I would not be experiencing the same success I am now.

One thing that does make me a little nervous is thinking about finding a balance. How do I know I won’t go back to my old eating habits? Yes, this past weekend I ate pretty perfect. But I know that won’t be every weekend. Or even every week. I want to have dessert every now and then. But how do I allow myself a little flexibility without completely falling off the healthy food train? I have a tendency to view things as “all or nothing”. Some things I still have to work on!

As you’ve already read, this week’s challenge is refraining from eating any food off of my daughters’ trays. Looks like those animal crackers I bought today will stay sealed until next Monday ;)

Talk soon,


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