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Some Highs and Some Lows…

I wish I could say the first week of Body Back: Session 2 was perfect. Workout-wise, yes, I did well. Food-wise, no, I did not. There were three days last week where I just blew it. On Wednesday, I was at my parents house discussing an upcoming bridal shower for my brother’s fiance. My sister-in-law brought Nothing Bundt Cakes for us to sample. I absolutely LOVE those cakes. At one point during the first few weeks we had the girls home, I had NINE of them in my fridge. And I didn’t blink an eye polishing off each one. Probably over the course of 2-3 days (not kidding). It had been months since I had one. I should have put a piece of gum in, but instead, I decided to take a little taste. I really thought I could have one bite and stop. Not even close. I continued to take “bites” which added up to an entire cake. So that was Wednesday. Moving on to the weekend. We hosted a birthday party for my mother-in-law on Saturday. I always have a tough time at parties. It is hard for me to stay away from the appetizers and then the desserts. And I indulged in both this weekend. In the moment, there was a battle going on in my head, “don’t eat that, ok maybe just one bite, ahhhh, ok just one more and then I’m done.” It gets exhausting. And most of the time, my healthy decision-making skills do not win.

Food is a challenge for me. Always has been. But even with these missteps, I know the Body Back program is working! My choices were healthy for the majority of the first session. I am rebooting today for this second week. Today (Monday), my eating has been on point. I planned this entire week, and stuck with it today. And I’m proud of myself. I have to break it down day by day. That is the only way it is going to work for me. I’m going to carry this momentum into healthy decision making for tomorrow!

The past couple of days, I have been thinking about how Body Back has taught me that I will not accept peaking in high school. Looking back at all the stages of my life, I was in the best physical shape as a teenager. I was a very good athlete. Always involved in something that kept me in excellent physical shape (although at the time, I remember still not liking my body - a topic for another time :). I kept working out during college and after, even running 4 marathons, 6 half marathons and countless 10K/5K races. But even then, I was never really in great shape. I could run for 4 hours, but ask me to do 5 regular push-ups in a row, not a chance! At the end of session 1, I did 18 regular push-ups in one minute (up from 8 in the first session)! I don’t know if I have ever been so proud of myself for a physical accomplishment. At least in the past few years. Body Back has allowed me to prove to myself that I can become physically strong again. Stronger than I actually thought I could. I realize that I will not have the same body I had in high school (nor do I want to, nor does my husband want me to ;)), but through continued hard work, I can become stronger than I ever have been. I want my 30s - mid/upper 30s - to be my strongest years yet. I do not want to look back and accept 18 as the peak of my physical strength and health. The Body Back program is responsible for this motivation.

Coming up this week, I have two points of focus. One is on making healthy food choices. Shocking, I know. I am going out to a Mexican restaurant on Wednesday night. I already spoke with Carly about looking at the menu and helping me decide what to order. I also plan to bring a fresh pack of gum for when the chips and salsa are staring me in the face. My second focus point this week will be to push myself during the group workouts. As we all know, Carly loves a good pulse and hold. I find myself taking breaks or not holding as long as I know I can. Believe me, I am still giving a ton of effort, but I need to challenge myself even more to hold another second or to give another few pulses before taking a break. With that, I am going to get ready for bed...without having a hershey's miniature (party leftovers).

Have a great week everyone!

Talk soon!

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