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Going Back For More- Bridget's Session 1 Recap and Intro to Session 2

Tomorrow is the start of Body Back Session 2, and I am so excited! Here is a little recap of my Session 1 experience…

I decided to join Body Back because I desperately needed a jump start. Since giving birth to my twin girls in November 2015, my eating had been absolutely horrible and my workouts, well, were just eh. Food wise, every single day was the same. Typically I would eat a healthy breakfast and mid morning snack. Rest of the morning/afternoon would go fine (unless it was a day I junked out early, in which case I would just throw in the towel and eat crappy the entire day). And then dinner time would hit. Most of the time nothing was planned. So my husband and I would have the merry-go-round “what do you feel like” “I don’t care, what do you want” “I don’t care, you pick”...and inevitably a frozen pizza would be thrown in or one of us would run out to pick up fast food or my healthy fast food, Chipotle. I sometimes feel like I would just eat dinner, so I could get to dessert. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, I would have dessert. And not just one cookie, or one bite of chocolate. I would have a huge bowl of ice cream, 5 cookies, or an entire candy bar. And sometimes two or more things in one night! It is almost like my mind would switch off for a few moments. And of course afterwards, it never failed, I would feel extreme guilt and vow to do better the next day, but nope. Same thing day in and day out. Along with poor eating choices, my workouts were just so so. I would only attend an occasional class at my gym, because the thought of doing my own workout was non-existent. I had trouble motivating myself to do my own workout. Not just this past year, but for the past couple years.

Introducing BODY BACK! I received the email at the perfect time. My girls were about 14 months old. I was no longer nursing, so in my mind, there was no excuse as to why I shouldn’t be able to leave them for a couple hours a week. I did have guilty feelings about being away on Saturday mornings and also about leaving my husband to take care of everything while I was at class (I know, this sounds dramatic...working on my guilt issues :)). But I had to put myself first on this one. I had to jump at the chance to make a change!! And I am so happy and grateful I did!

During the first class, we did physical assessments, measurements, photos (OMG I did everything in my power to not take a photo in the last year), talked about our goals, and finished with a workout. I figured everyone was there to just lose weight. Nope...wrong. Women were there for so many different reasons - putting ourselves first (at least a couple of hours per week), meeting other moms, getting stronger physically and mentally, fit into pre-pregnancy clothes, lose weight, and more. Needless to say, I kind of felt an instant connection to these moms.

Looking back, the first session was amazing, challenging, frustrating, encouraging, and joyful. I feel stronger now than I have in years. And not just physically. Since starting Body Back, I can count on one hand (well, maybe one hand plus a couple of fingers) how many times I have actually had dessert after dinner. Now I make the choice to have a bowl of Skinny Pop popcorn, an orange, or just nothing at all. I don’t have to fill that space with a massive dessert. The want for that is gone. Making this decision makes me feel empowered. And I credit it to the support from Body Back. This is not to say there aren’t major challenges for me. Over the past 8 weeks, my meal planning hasn’t been perfect. I am not much of a cook, so it overwhelms me to look at a blank calendar for the week and have to fill it in. But that is going to be one of my goals this session - plan. Actually look through the recipe book provided to us, and plan a meal or two a week. Another challenge is making sure to get in a couple additional workouts during the week. I can always find a hundred excuses for not working out, but truth is, I have time. I stay home with my girls, so I can go during the day. I can also go after Will gets home from work, or after the girls go to bed. Tons of time to go, I just have to do it. Again - PLAN!

I want to end this first post by giving a HUGE THANK YOU and shout out to our amazing instructor/motivator/friend, Carly! Not only are the workouts insane (in a good way), but Carly supports every single person in this group without hesitation. I had some poor eating days, some challenges to overcome and Carly was there to listen to my frustrations. She would then challenge me to make better choices, and because I was being held accountable, I was able to! There was one night this past week when I was feeling kind of blah. I hadn’t worked out much this past week and I had one day of crappy eating. I had some great results from Session 1, but the number on the scale didn’t budge much. I know it’s just a number, but for some reason it was bothering me. Carly knew this because we talked about it a few days prior at our last class. The same night I was a little out of it, I get a text from Carly with my before and after photos saying “You look amazing...weight is just a number...these pics don’t lie! You keep it up and I’m so excited to see what session 2 will do for you.” At the exact time I needed the encouragement, Carly was there, without even knowing it! The little kick in the ass I needed.

I’m pumped for Session 2! I’m going back for more...and can’t wait to see the results in 8 weeks!

Talk soon!

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